It never stops thinking.
Until you’re lost in something.
Connects everything,
and rethinks from beginning.

Like streams of water.
Thousands of thoughts flowing.
Connects everything,
And rethinks from beginning.

Thinking starts !
Maybe I should buy some new clothes.
I should start shedding weight.
What did I have for lunch?
Next time I should have this for lunch.
I should try this new restaurant.
Bored of same routine.
May be I should try other jobs.
Or be an entrepreneur !
What am I good at ?
Is there anyone with whom I can talk to about this?
Trying to read my inner self.
What are my goals?
Looks, career and having a life.
But still lagging, desperate of failures.
Struggles and no fortune.
I can see no hope.
Sometimes sacrifices.
Make your loved ones happy.
In search of little things to be happy.
Shopping is a cure.
Maybe I should buy some new clothes.

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Starts and ends with the same thought.
Reconnects again and again.
Why cant it stop thinking ?
Switching over and over again.

Thinking Thinking Thinking..
From finding feelings to finding universal truths.
Thinking about things which never exist.
Believing you have powers.
And trying to find it.
Silly old crazy thinking.

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Let me sleep and please stop thinking.
Starts thinking how to stop thinking.
Connects everything,
and rethinks from beginning.