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Author: Tristan

The Invasion of India – The Final Part

The Critical Moment: Attack from Behind As Demetrius prepared to deal the final blow against his Indian rival, news reached him that would alter his plans completely: Bactria itself was under threat. Demetrius was not the only Greek King with ambitions at that time. To the west, another had chosen his time wisely to launch his own formidable conquest. A man who’s plans would ultimately decide the fate of both Demetrius and his Indian invasion: Antiochus IV. Antiochus IV As king of the Seleucid Empire, Antiochus was ruling a Kingdom that had become a shadow of its former glory. Its lands no longer stretched from the Hindu Kush to Asia Minor as they had in its height. Instead, having recently suffered a humiliating defeat to Rome, Antiochus now found himself inheriting lands restricted to around the Fertile Crescent. This setback however, did not deter Antiochus’ big dreams. Antiochus would be sure to learn from his predecessor’s mistakes against Rome. Rather than viewing that nation as the main cause for his kingdom’s current decline, Antiochus viewed the Romans very differently. Seeing that nation’s unstoppable success in the west, Antiochus used Rome’s achievements to inspire him to build his own great empire. That empire would not be in the west however – going up against Rome would have been suicide – but the east. Reclaiming the East For Antiochus, looking at...

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The Invasion of India – Part 2

By the time Demetrius had risen to power in Bactria, India was no stranger to invaders from the west. First Darius I and then Alexander the Great would fix their eyes on this sub-continent. Both had attempted to leave a permanent foothold on this far edge of the known world; both had failed. Yet by the start of the 2nd century BC, much had changed. India was no longer the enigma that it had been for both past invaders. By then – following amicable relations and peace with the Hellenistic World for the past 100 years – Greek knowledge...

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The Invasion of India – Part 1

169 BC and a new empire is rising. After fourteen years of fighting, one Greek king is on the verge of becoming a legend. His name is Demetrius, ruler of an Empire in deepest Asia. Fighting an enemy that was neither Greek nor Roman, Demetrius has invaded a land that to many looked unconquerable – India. Succeed and Demetrius will be able to boast of achieving a conquest as formidable as that of his idol, Alexander the Great. Fail however, and his name will be forever lost to obscurity. It is to be in this year that his fate...

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A Very Roman Game of Thrones

“The war between Severus and Albinus had everything you would expect from the HBO thriller; an alliance followed by treachery resulting in a huge war and the defeated suffering all kinds of atrocities.” 197AD and Game of Thrones has come to reality, Roman style. On the plains outside Lugdunum, two rivals prepare for the conclusive engagement that would decide the future of the Empire. A story of alliance, treachery, tales of valour and serious brutality, this has it all. There would be no mercy for the loser, everything was staked on victory. Get ready for an account of one of the largest,...

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