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Author: Sakshi

Top 10 Medical Science Breakthroughs of 2017

Medical science breakthroughs are the ones that affect our lives to a great extent. They are the ones we are more concerned about and keep praying for more and more miraculous breakthroughs in the medical field. In short, they are sometimes the life saviors for us and our close ones. The year 2017 was a very successful year in terms of medical breakthroughs. Here is a list of the top 10 medical science breakthroughs which are sure to bring a huge change in our lives in the near future. 1. Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases using microbiomes 2017...

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Playboy – The Empire

Playboy is not just a magazine. It has established itself as more than a brand, you can call it an empire. An American men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine founded by Hugh Hefner and his associates in Chicago way back in 1953, the magazine still remains a symbol of the outgoing male culture. Initially, called “Stag Party”, Playboy played an important role in the sexual revolution of the later 1900s. Known for its centerfolds of nude and semi-nude models, it soon became a known brand, and grew into Playboy Enterprises, Inc. Its special nation-specific versions are published worldwide. Hefner, the...

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5 Netflix Originals You Should Not Miss At All?

Netflix is currently loaded with a bizarre number of originals. The number is so large that it is almost impossible to keep a track of all of them. No wonder, if even Netflix finds it difficult to make sure that its audiences know about all its shows. There are few Netflix originals that are not to be missed at any cost though. But researching for them is definitely not an easy task. To make your job easy, we have researched on Netflix series and have curated a list of best Netflix originals that you should not miss at all. Master...

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How These California Prison Inmates Battled The Wildfire?

Nothing can soothe your eyes better than watching the California prison inmates battling the devastating California Wildfires. These inmates who look like regular firefighters, they could be seen wearing orange fire-resistant suits and with 60 pounds worth of support gear on their backs. These brave men and women were seen on the front-lines of the wildfires. Holding chainsaws and hand tools, they went on stopping the fires from spreading. “The inmates are all doing some form of conservation work every day that they are not on a fire line.” BILL SESSA IN THE LINE OF FIRE As per the...

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Hollywood Breaks Its Silence On Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood is finally breaking the silence and speaking up against the studio tycoon Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein was recently charged with sexual abuse allegations against him. Now the entire Hollywood is speaking against this magnate. Hollywood celebs soon began to criticize Harvey Weinstein. Hollywood charm, Leonardo DiCaprio, the 42-year-old actor broke his silence declaring that there is “no excuse for sexual assault.” Leonardo has worked with Harvey in many movies. He, thoroughly condemning Harvey’s act, wrote on Twitter: “There is no excuse for sexual harassment or sexual assault – no matter who you are and no matter what profession....

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