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Author: Nirmalendu M

The Winter’s Edge…

Waiting for the sun to rise in a wintry foggy morning, A cock unknown to all raises the head, Trying to speak the first morning sound to the air; The world lives by the blanket today avoiding the chilly shivers. When the dews of the grasses will glisten, The night will be forgotten of this invisible shower; There will be a dawn of light awaiting the roads, The men and women will then leave in the woollens to perform daily chores. Warm Winter, by Rare Pearl Verbs will be less when the chill starts acting, Quilts will help in completing the breakfasting. Children will be happy to go to school, Neighbours will find time again to follow the neighbouring rule. World will enjoy the nights once again, Sipping into the glasses will warm them up...

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The Future

Everyday I am hopeful that it would end the way I want it to; however, sometimes my wish is fulfilled and sometimes not. It’s just like riding a see-saw in a recreation park and enjoying the fall and rise in our fate. We always believe that if we do our act properly we would be rewarded, and if not, we will end up at the toe end, kicked, insulted and exhausted. Our forefathers were happy people since they did not have as much competition at that time as limited people used to study hard and mostly used to be...

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The Abstract

Just like we cannot see the wind blowing, but only see the ripples appearing over the river that proves its existence, similarly we can neither see the heat of the sun and nor the light, we can only experience the heat through our discomfort and perceive light by the illuminated objects we see around us. With reference to the above statement, we cannot see ‘intent’ as well, we only experience it through the outcome of the behaviour driven by the intent. Our world has many things which we cannot touch but only perceive through our eyes, senses or outcomes;...

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Facebook and Social Media

Facebook has taught me one good thing about people… being critical about others is fine, as the person I criticize has done something similar at some point. My world, at this point of time, is devoid of friends who actually meet me in person and speak to me, since everyone is soooo busy. Even my family members who are on Facebook never seem to be bothered whether I still exist outside this virtual world. Mobile phones used to have a green receive and a red reject button on the touchpad sometime back and I am proud to say that...

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