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Author: Debamitra

Cotton Candy – An Ironic Invention!

In 1978, the first automated machine was used for the production of cotton candy. Can a “Cotton Candy Machine” be invented by a dentist? Generally a dentist advises to reduce or eliminate food containing added sugar. “Sweet poison” is the blissful delight on earth. No power can distract us if colorful candy floss attracts our attention and which melts once it gets past our lips. Machine spun candies were invented by dentist William James Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton in the year 1897. In fact, they sold 68,655 boxes for 25 cents per box. They packaged them in...

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What Will Be The Fate of the Rohingyas?

Off late, Myanmar has attracted the attention of the world at large due to the plight of the Rohingyas. They have been subjected to continuous torture, and are now being driven out of the country by the Myanmar government. Though the military junta was dissolved in Myanmar in 2011, and the country now has its first democratically elected president, under the aegis of Mrs. Aung-Sun-Suu-Kyi, their democratic leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner, the military still holds considerable influence in its political affairs. The Rakhine district, where the Rohingyas are living for centuries, is mainly comprised of ethnic Buddhist Rahines and Muslim Rohingyas....

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