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For The Love of Carpets and Rugs…

“I was six, when my love story with carpets and rugs started… it remains as much a part of my cherished childhood memories, as Delhi. ” As a kid, I spent my school vacations in Delhi, mostly. Delhi is infamous for its hot, humid subtropical summers, made worse by the loo – very hot and dry continental winds blowing over from vast land stretches, due to the city’s proximity to the Thar desert. So it was the colder months, the winters of Delhi that I absolutely loved, then, and do so even now. The summer vacations were mostly planned for...

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No Dark Sarcasm In The Classroom

A Buddhist story goes, the night the Buddha was to become enlightened he was attacked by the arrows of others who wished to disrupt his enlightenment, but with his awareness he caught their arrows and he turned them into flowers. School always makes us nostalgic. In so many different ways. First loves. Best buddies. Schoolday shenanigans. Teacher crushes. As we grow up into youth and then adulthood, distancing ourselves from those memories, we often find ourselves longing for those days of the past even more and end up in conversations about how they were the best days of our...

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