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Oskar Schindler – The Man and The Hero

One man stood out as a beacon of light… saving the lives of roughly 1200 of them. The day was January 30, 1933, when Hitler took over as the Chancellor of Germany, and turned it into the most powerful position in the German government. With Germany reeling under severe socio-political crisis, this change in leadership was inevitable. The Nazi regime under Hitler not only put an end to democracy, but also fueled a racial supremacy era in Germany, with Jews coming under direct attack. New German laws forced Jews out of civil service jobs, universities and even businesses. Hitler’s dictatorial powers...

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Countries With The Cleanest Water – A Sneak Peek

Clean water is highly essential for a healthy environment and a balanced ecosystem. This has a direct impact on the quality of health of all living beings. With 70% of the world comprising of water, roughly 2.5% is fresh water category of which only 1% is accessible. At least two million people die of water borne diseases each year globally. This has massive impact on the socio-economic quotient of a country. However, there are countries which apparently have the cleanest water in the world – let us have a sneak peek at them.   01 Switzerland Quality of water...

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