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Author: Arjun

10 Definitive Grunge Rock Albums – Part 2

…the list continues. Let’s get right to it. Oh yes, this is not a top ten, just 10 definitive grunge rock albums. And there have been notable omissions as well. Read the complete post to find out. 06 Temple Of The Dog – Temple Of The Dog Temple of The Dog was a tribute band to Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone. The name itself was picked up from Mother Love Bone’s song Man Of Golden Words. Now, what happens when you put two of the best grunge vocalists in one band? This is exactly why Temple of The...

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10 Definitive Grunge Rock Albums – Part 1

Grunge rock was a music revolution like no other. It was filled with raw emotions, anger and rage. It enthralled the youth of that period; providing an outlet for teen angst; acted as an anti-depressant. Till this day one can hear the voices of grunge echoing. The fuzzy guitars, heavy distortion, the guitar smashing, it had it all. Grunge rock, according to me, was an era where one could let go of personal attachments and let the music take control. And now, here I am trying to voice out the most definitive grunge albums of all time. The list...

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Which One’s Pink?

Rock music has come a long way since it’s inception in the late 1950’s. The impact which it has had is tremendous and mind boggling. This can be largely attributed to the fact that rock, in general, is raw in nature and yet melodic at the same time. The Beatles were actually the first real contributors of making the genre popular. They had this unique catchy and poppy style which enabled them to reach the apex of this genre; rarely are there bands which can reach such heights. There were a lot of bands which originated around that time...

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