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Author: ApoorvaM

Top 5 Footballers Who Own The Best Mansions and Villas

Football is a lucrative sport that has brought many an athlete fame and money. Living their life king-size, many such footballers unabashedly display their status through the huge mansions and villas they own. A peek into these giant structures will reveal a list of lavish amenities that adorn  the abode of these stars. Here are the top 5 footballers of this era who we think own the best mansions and villas. 1. DAVID BECKHAM The Manor, Los Angeles County, US Net Worth: $20 million Undoubtedly, one of the biggest names in the world of football, David Beckham lives in what is dubbed as “The Beckingham Palace.” Having retired from football, Beckham is still one of the most highlighted celebrities even off the field.   Located in London, this ridiculously huge mansion was purchased in 1999 along with Victoria Beckham. It is equipped with a football pitch, a chapel and a recording studio dedicated to the former Spice Girl, Posh. 2. WAYNE ROONEY Cheshire Mansion, UK Net Worth: $17.83 million The neo-Georgian mansion that Rooney owns is located in the Cheshire. Set amidst residences of current and former teammates, it was built in 2004. The CCTV system around the property alone cost $49,000! Apart from the beefed up security, this mansion is beautified by Grecian statues. It has a large pool and a private theatre. The lawn has an under-soil...

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Why the Astropolis Music Festival Must Be On Your Travel List At Least Once

Music fests are a peppy mix of youth, drinks, energy and of course, music. With a plethora of such fests hosted all over the world throughout the year, only some stand out. Welcome to the Astropolis Music Festival, the oldest music festival in France and a must visit if you love music. Started in 1995, the conception of the Astropolis Music Festival is an interesting story. A group of friends hosted techno parties to celebrate the advent of a new era. Techno music was new and unexplored at that time and was basically an import from the US. This...

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10 Places That Should Be On Your Wishlist To Travel In November

Sweet November – the perfect time to visit a breathtaking destination. With the Holidays knocking on the door, you might just want to beat the December rush and enjoy an early vacation. So pack your bags and head to any these amazing getaways. 1. Auckland, New Zealand This adventure-packed island has a lot to offer. The warm spring of the Southern Hemisphere here is a refreshing twist to the otherwise cold and dreary November on the other half of the globe. With plenty of flora and fauna in full bloom, Auckland is a sight to behold.        ...

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Hundred Year Old Restaurants And Cafes Around The World

The world has changed a thousand times yet one thing has always evolved hand-in-hand with the human race – food. Thus, we have seen many hits and misses in the culinary world. Restaurants and cafes are known to be the laboratory for food-related experiments. Many dishes conceived in restaurants and cafes have become the signature dish of that place. So, touching the centenary year of service is a matter of pride for all restaurants and cafes. It means that they have persistently dished out quality food. So here’s a list of 100-year-old restaurants and cafes around the world:  ...

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10 Trendy Outfits, Women Must Try This Winter

Ladies, winter is coming. Do not let the season bundle up your style quotient! Here are 10 trendy winter outfits for women: 1. The Good Ol’ Jacket Here you see Stella Maxwell in the classic wool-lined leather jacket. The jacket goes well with almost every outfit and offers protection from the cold. 2. Boot It Up Katherine McNamara rocks the diva look in her over-the-knee, The Allegs Boots. Goes well with dresses and jeans, it is a must-have for every season! 3. Scarfing it up A scarf makes a valuable accessory in winters. Seen here is Victoria’s Secret model...

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