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10 Famous People Whose Life Changed Just Because Of 1 Chance That They Got

Fame is fleeting, but sometimes, all it takes is one chance to become famous! 01. Mary Shelley Mary penned Frankenstein at the mere age of 19. At a time when women wrote under male pseudonyms, Mary boldly credited the very first sci-fi novel to her name. The success of the book launched her as a writer. 02. Jewel The singer lived in dilapidated conditions. Thus, to earn sufficient money, she and her father often sang at bars. She was discovered by a talent scout at a Coffee Shop. Her first album Pieces of You that debuted in 1995 and kickstarted her music career. 03. Milkha Singh Milkha Singh would not have transitioned to The Flying Sikh had he not been introduced to track sprinting while serving in the Army. On finishing 6th in a cross-country run that was compulsory, Milkha was given special training in athletics. 04. Oprah Winfrey Vocal about the hardships that she faced while growing up, Oprah’s life took a new turn when she started co-anchoring the local news. Her sincere and emotional delivery transferred her from radio to daytime talk-shows. 05. Jan Koum From a poor immigrant to the entrepreneur that redefined communication. Jan’s passion for computer landed him jobs in places like Yahoo and Ernst & Young, where he met Brian Acton. Together, they designed WhatsApp. 06. Ralph Lauren Ralph gave up his comfortable...

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What Makes Vancouver’s Stanley Park A Tourist Spot For Millions Of Tourists Every Year?

The Stanley Park is a large public park on the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. It was designated the title of ‘Stanley Park National Historic Site of Canada’ in 1988. The Vancouver Bay and the English Bay border the park, offering beautiful scenic views. Originally, the aboriginal people resided in this area who utilized the natural resources. It was due to these resources that the non-indigenous settlers came to this region when colonized by the British. It is named after Lord Stanley who was the Governor General at that time. STANLEY PARK – NESTLED IN NATURE’S BOUNTY...

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What Makes Manchineel One Of The Most Dangerous Tree In The World?

Who would have thought that an endangered tree is also capable of endangering lives? Nicknamed as the ‘little apple of death’, the Manchineel is one of the most dangerous trees in the world. This rare tropical plant has a tempting looking fruit, but the plant and the fruit lure unsuspecting innocent creatures to imminent death. The Manchineel holds the record of being the most poisonous tree. Found in the sandy soils or the mangroves of South Florida, Central America, the Caribbean and the northern region of South America. Each of these plants is accompanied by handwritten signs highlighting the...

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Reasons Why Zagreb Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

A confluence of art, culture, architecture, and gastronomy, Zagreb is the fitting capital of Croatia. Drawing in a large number of tourists, this coastal city overlooked by the mighty fortresses atop the hills, it is a perfect balance of nature. The city is a blend of culture and tradition of contemporary times with ancient period. From antique architectures to open-air markets, Zagreb is the tourist destination to satisfy your wanderlust. The best time to visit Zagreb is in the month of April and May. This period is loaded with a flurry of activities. They also become precedents of the...

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Black Is Beautiful. And Your Wardrobe Should Be No Different.

Colors often represent one’s personality, yet black is the go-to color for any occasion for any person. From wild parties to sober office meetings, all events carry heavy undertones of the color black. Being a very versatile color, it goes along well with almost any other color. Pair it with whites and gray, or fluorescent orange and pink, and it would still look gorgeous.   The symbolism of black changes from culture to culture. Some consider it to be the color of evil and death. While others think of it to signify affluence and sophistication. Mostly, black has been...

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