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Author: Anuradha Bose

Are Hover Bikes Going To Be Reality Soon?

The price of hover bikes prototypes is estimated to be around 50,000 to 80,000 USD. As the name suggests Hover Bikes are bikes which can float in the air. It’s time to pull the curtain over the suspense – are Hover Bikes are going to Reality Soon? With incredible growth in the science and technology sector in the digital era, nothing is impossible anymore. The hover objects featured in Star Wars Movie is not going to be a dream anymore. Yes, you heard it right. Hover Bikes will be made available soon,  perhaps as soon as the coming year....

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Bitcoin – Digital Money for Digital Era

Bitcoin is quite the buzz nowadays when it comes to digital currency. It was ranked 27 in the list of Top 100 Influential Blockchain Organisations on 29 March 2016. Also for combined OB1 and OpenBazzar, it has received three awards, ‘Most Promising Consumer Application’, ‘Bitcoin Champion of the Year’ and ‘Best New Start-up’. Bitcoin is basically a non-profit American corporation which was founded in 2012 September. Llew Claasen was appointed as Executive Director on 1 July 2016 during the Blockchain Training Conference. Bitcoin does not have a central authority or say, middlemen, unlike other currencies. Bitcoin is directly sent...

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Incredible Growth In The Drone Market

The drone market displays signs of future potential. We can say it is in a nascent phase now. The growth in the drone industry took place when drones were permitted to operate in the USA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The new exemptions include its utilization in various industries including agriculture, construction, and insurance. Without any doubt, we can say there is a tremendous surge in the drone industry. In 2016 approx. 2.4 million commercial drones were sold for personal use. BI Intelligence estimate the sale of these aerial acrobats to be around $12 billion in 2021. Well, according to...

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Drones And Its Association With The Military

Drones are not in use from now but from years. Moreover, they are not deployed just for pizza deliveries and aerial video shots, but also for more important things. Like the military. However, in this modern hi-tech era their utilization has now exceeded. So what are these drones exactly? Drone, as a word of the English language, means a male bee. However, the term drone in our contextcan have a lot of definitions; the most preferred being “drones are unmanned ship or aircraft which can navigate beyond the line of sight or human control autonomously.” In simple words, it...

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The Rise And Impact Of Smartwatches

In the 21st century, technology rules supreme. And no denying how they make our day to day lives better and help ease our work. In this age of advanced tech, we are attuned to things at our fingertips. And nothing less. With the advent of smartphones, the world has condensed to our palms. From transferring funds across banks to shopping while sitting at home, almost everything is possible. Subsequently, the advent of smartwatches in this fast changing technology landscape has also made a huge impact. They are the kind of smart wearable utilities are compared to the PDA i.e....

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